Facts What is a bot?

A bot is a computer program that performs automatic tasks. This can for example be collecting email addresses to send spam mail or spread false information on various social media.

It has become increasingly common to find a bot on the internet, and in some cases this leads to fraud or general harassment.

Bots come in different forms, and there are bots that do not intentionally do anything bad, like chatbots. Chatbots are used to imitate conversations with people through artificial intelligence.

However, some bots are developed to spread hate and threats on the internet through different platforms and cyber rooms. A common example of this kind of bot is a Twitter-bot that is used to create public opinion and spread false information about politics, politicized events, or public figures.

Wide spread can lead to hate, threats, and harassment against individuals

If you experience this, get help against the hate, threats, and harassment—the police, your organization, employer, or school has an obligation to help you. 

However, there is currently no legislation against bots and their function. The crime is in the consequences of what the bots spread, or if what they are spreading is slander or a hate crime. It is the people who first published, or the specific individual who spreads the information that can be convicted.