Guide Counteract gaslighting, listen inclusively!

For all of us with privileges who want to be allies and take in different perspectives.

How to avoid gaslighting - be an ally

  • Practice inclusive listening - let people finish speaking, do not discredit, and read about the grounds of discrimination and statistical inequality in Sweden. 
  • Practice self-criticism. Do you not want to understand the person’s situation because it means addressing a much larger problem? Does the conversation feel uncomfortable? Good! Working with equality in practice is uncomfortable, but you are going to contribute to more people feeling included and creating a safer daily life for everyone who is a part of your group.
  • Look at your context — how can you work inclusively? If you are a part of a school, a workplace, or an organization — do you have channels that allow people to evaluate your equality work and treatment, internally and externally, anonymously and honestly?
  • Think about your privileges. It is often easy to dismiss the experiences of people in minority positions if you do not have the same background or perspective.

Tired of no one understanding the problem?

Use our micro activism posters! Send it anonymously, hang it up in the coffee room, or spread it on your social media. Gaslighting is real! 

Read more about what gaslighting is.