Facts Domination Techniques

Domination techniques are a form of social manipulation that happens consciously or unconsciously when a person or group wants to maintain their privileged position.

Domination techniques are used both online and offline, and can happen in a visible or invisible hierarchy toward another group or a specific individual. 

Domination techniques are used in all types of social contexts and are about oppressing or belittling a group or a person to maintain privileges, silent others, or avoid being questioned.

One type of domination technique is using your privilege to make others invisible or delegitimize more marginalized voices. Try to be conscious of who you become in a cyber room and which voices are silenced or do not get to take up space.

Examples of when domination techniques are used:

  • When you are attacked in a comment section because you have posted something — and instead of the comment dealing with what you already wrote, it’s about your private life or your appearance. 
  • When informal decisions are made without you having access to information or being able to say your opinion. This can happen when people are talking to each other online but forget to, or actively choose not to invite everyone to the thread. 
  • When people take precedence and express themselves about things that they do not have knowledge or experience of, without listening to the people that they’re talking about.
  • Gaslighting is an example of domination techniques.