Facts Fat shaming

The term fat shaming acknowledges the marginalization that those of us who go against the norm of thinness experience.

On the internet, many people experience hate and degrading comments aimed at our appearances and our bodies. Besides offensive comments on appearance, people who are subjected to fat shaming may also hear comments about lifestyle and private life. The norm of thinness affects all of us in society, but in different ways.

Body positivity

As a reaction to fat shaming, body positivity activists lift different body types in order to stop the stigmatization of bodies that go against the norm of thinness. Body positivity is about creating acceptance and space for all bodies and encouraging people to love their bodies as they are. 

Avoid fat shaming

  • Do not comment on other people’s appearances or bodies.
  • Do not assume that people want to lose weight, or that weight loss is always something positive.
  • Do not assume that a person is sick or healthy based on how their body looks. 
  • Do no comment on a person’s lifestyle or life choices.