Guide Preventative measures, social media

Preventative measures for your social media — in cases of external cyber hate

To do:

  1. Interest list - who is interested in moderating? Download and use our document on division of responsibility.
  2. Determine which roles are needed (contact person; who has the primary responsibility?)
  3. Put together a crisis team. 
  4. Put together a set of statistics and other relevant information that you can refer to. Use the Cyber Hate Assistant’s “Why”-tab. 
  5. Make a schedule for monitoring accounts.
  6. Gather digital evidence. A guide for this is in the Cyber Hate Assistant.
  7. Write a logbook.
  8. Make a risk assessment. Review potential risks and evaluate the probability and consequences on a scale of 0 - 5.
  9. Monitor current events. Use Google alerts.


  • The subjects that are spread most quickly on social media are cyber hate and politics. 
  • Avoid posting things later than 12:00pm on a Friday if monitoring is paused on the weekends. 
  • The first four hours after a post are the most critical—this can be used as a guideline. 
  • Trolls are looking for poorly moderated sites.  Be available to respond to trolls but also to redirect them to the website for example, or texts with correct information.

Click on the download icon to download the document on division of responsibility.