Facts Examples of sexual abuse online

What is sexual abuse online?

If we have missed something, or if you or someone you know has been exposed to something else, contact us (form at the bottom of the page) and we will add these. If you feel uncertain, seek advice from the appropriate party via our support and help page.

  • Writing sexual messages, or writing/talking online in a sexual way that is experienced as uncomfortable. 
  • Sending dick pics, nude pictures, or forcing/persuading someone to send nude pictures.
  • Pressuring/convincing someone to touch themselves and show it in a video or write about it in text.
  • Pressuring someone to do something sexual through threatening the person, their family, or friends.
  • Spreading pictures of videos of someone without their consent online. This is sometimes called revenge porn, and it is illegal. 
  • Taking advantage of higher positions of power to get someone to feel like they must take part in sexual activities. The person might be the victim’s boss, teacher, or works at a government agency. 
  • Forcing/persuading someone to join group chats or groups on social media to see sexual things in their feed. 
  • Forcing/persuading someone to watch porn.
  • Filming or photographing sexual things someone does online, alone or with other people, against the person’s will and without their knowledge. This is always illegal if the person is under 15 years of age, regardless of your agreement. 
  • Trying to trade or buy sexual acts or images through giving someone money, alcohol, presents, or services. 
  • Doing something sexual to someone who cannot express their will or protect themselves. For example, they are drunk, drug-affected, sick, or have a disability. 

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