Guide Violations on your social media

A guide to how organizations should manage internetbased violations.

  1. Avoid to comment on posts concerning hate and threat. 

  2. Take printscreens* (Instructions: On PCs press “prt scr” and on Mac hold down “kringla, shift & 3” at the same time).

  3. Delete comments and posts that violate your organizations values and guidelines asap. 

  4. Notify the person responsible in your organization and colleagues. 

  5. Decide together if you should reply to a comment, take it away or shut down the possibility to comment. 

  6. Report to the police if the situation can be a case of threat, slander, insult, a violation of the Data Protection Act or another kind of violation (or ask somebody to assist you). 

* The printscreen can be used as evidence. When taking a printscreen you should include the entire content on the screen in the print. By doing so the date and time will be included. 

It is also recommended to print the printscreen so it can be authenticated by someone else than the targeted victim. This will increase the printscreens value as evidence at an eventual trial.