Guide Remove your address and telephone number online

We who work with the Cyber Hate Assistant (Näthatshjälpen) are unfortunately not able to help you with removing your information online. However, we have created a guide on how you can remove your information from Eniro, Hitta, and Ratsit on your own.


You can remove your information from Eniro by contacting customer service at or by sending a letter to: 

Eniro Sverige AB

Box 7044

164 07 Kista


Use the link below, search for you information, and shook “remove”. You need a Bank-ID login. 

Remove your information from Hitta.

Mr Koll

By loging in with your BankID you have the possibility to hide your phone number and adress. However your postcode and city will still remain public.


You can only remove your information from the public search function at Ratsit. That means, your information will not be visible for people who are not logged in at the website. To do that you send an email to or use the contact form on the website. Thereafter, you get an email with more information and a form to fill out and send to Ratsit with a request to remove your personal information.

Nevertheless, it is not possible to completely remove your information from Ratsit unless you mark confidentiality at the Swedish Tax Agency. This is because we cannot choose if we want to be a part of the credit information register or not, as all people in Sweden over the age of 16 are included. Therefore, you information will still be visible in the register that people who are authenticated members at the website can see, even though your information has been removed from the public search.  

To mark confidentiality at the Swedish Tax Agency

Orden the application for a mark of confidentiality at the telephone number 010-573 55 00. Marking confidentiality is an administrative measure that makes it more difficult for others to access your personal data in the register of public records. It is a warning signal for the Swedish Tax Agency and other agencies that an examination must be done before your information is disclosed. This does not give absolute privacy. 

NOTE. The Swedish Tax Agency can only mark confidentiality if you have been exposed to threats, crimes, stalking, or harassment.

The two basic conditions are that 1. There is a current and concrete threat. 2. The measure actually has a protective effect. Current and concrete threats mean that you or someone close to you is at risk of some sort of harm, physical or psychological. 

Actual effect means that the mark of confidentiality will really protect you. This is achieved by moving to a new area and making your new address confidential. If you are facing a very serious threat, marking confidentiality is the first of three levels of protected identity or protected personal information. Read more on the Swedish Tax Agency’s website. Mark of confidentiality requires that your situation is investigated by the police. 

Swedish Tax Agency.

Contact your telecom service provider

Remember to also contact your telecom service provider in order for your phone number to remain secret. Otherwise, your contact information might automatically be republished on websites such as You can do this by contacting the customer service at the company where your phone number is registered.

Other sites

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