Guide Report hate speech

Everyone can report hate speech, regardless of if the crime is aimed at you or not. Follow our guide to make the best possible report when witness the crime.

Unsure if it is hate speech?

Hate speech

Advice Do not tag the friend who is being cyber hated

If you see that mean or critical things are being written about a person you know – don't tag that person in the comment section. If you think that the person isn't aware that they're being written about, tell them privately.

Advice Offer to be a witness of a crime on the internet!

Contact Victim Support Sweden, they help witnesses, relatives and victims. If you are unsure whether it is a crime, and the Cyber Hate Assistant can't support you in this, Victim Support Sweden can answer these types of questions.

Contact Victim Support Sweden. 

When you see someone commit the crime hate speech, it is good to do as follows:

  1. Take a screenshot of what has happened, make sure the address bar is visible. It is also important to send a direct link to the crime. On Facebook, you can do this by clicking the timestamp under the post. If you want to report more than one statement, click on the timestamp for everyone statement so that the correct URL opens. Take screenshots of every one and attach each of them as a link. The address bar/URL should be visible in every screen shot, so that the screenshots can be paired together with the correct link.
  2. Make a timeline, and add links and screenshots in time order. It is important to mark every screenshot and link with for example “comment 1.” In the text, refer to comment 1.1. Otherwise, there is the risk of mixing up what you mean.  
  3. If the group or webpage is public, attach this as well as how many followers or members the page has. 
  4. If it is a comment on a post on Facebook for example, it is also important to attach what the post is about.
  5. If possible, try to find out the identity of the person who has committed the crime. Attach all of this information. 
  6. Print out the incident in paper form. 
  7. Ask someone to look at the original incident online. The person can be called as a witness in a potential trial.  
  8. File a police report. 
  9. Contact the administrator of the page and report the person.