Guide Find the source of the cyber hate

Use our guide to track down and find the cyber hate. This way, you can find out where the cyber hate started.

  1. Google the name of the person who is affected. Alternative Google searches can also be: the title of the text that the affected person has written, the person’s organization or workplace, or other things that are related to that which has been written.
  2. It is important to go to Tools on the right side under the search bar on Google, and choose to view results from the past day or week to see the most recent results first. 
  3. Is the origin of the cyber hate a debate article? Check the Facebook page for the media that has published the debate article. It can be a newspaper’s Facebook page, Twitter, or if there is a comment section on the website. 
  4. To find subtweets that you are not tagged in: search for the URL of a debate article for example.

Gather digital evidence