Facts Unlawful depiction of violence

To produce or disseminate pictures of sexual and/or gross violence is criminal.

Unlawful depiction of violence is a crime that implies disseminating pictures of sexual violence or coercion or producing such pictures with the intent to later disseminate them. The crime can also include moving pictures of gross violence against humans or animals. BrB 16 kap §10c 

Any person who proves guilty for unlawful depiction of violence shall be sentenced to a fine or imprisonment for at most two years. Also those responsible for providing the service that enables the publication and dissemination of such content are responsible for monitoring and removing it, as stated in the act on responsibility for electronic bulletin boards. This could, for instance, be those responsible for social media platforms, websites or chat functions.

Advice Report offensive posts and comments to administrators

If you read offensive and inappropriate posts or comments on social media, you can always report this to the administrators

Advice Remove pictures, videos, or other sensitive information

Advice If someone threatens to spread private material about you – contact the police!

It is a crime to spread private material about you against your will. It is also a crime if the person uses that private material to get you to do something against your will.

Unlawful violation of integrity

Sexual harassment or abuse 

Advice Unlawful depiction of violence, always report to the police!

If you see or are exposed to this kind of crime, it is important that you get the support and advice that you need. Here is a guide to how you can file a police report.

Advice Gather digital evidence

Document and save everything that can be used to investigate what has happened.

Guide: Gather digital evidence 

Advice Take your mental health seriously

Put your mental health first. Sometimes, it can be important to take a break from social media accounts. Let someone else take care of or clear out your social media.

Support and help 

Advice Sexual harassment and sexual abuse, find support and help

Being the victim of abuse is never your fault. You can never have said, hinted at, or shown yourself in any way that gives another person the right to abuse you. Even if you are in a relationship with the person or you know them, it is still a crime and you have the right to protection and help.

Support and help

Advice You are not alone, get support!

Get help from the people around you. You do not have to be alone in this. Cyber hate falls within the responsibility of the employer, school, association or organization.

Support and help.

Good to consider if you are exposed:

Being exposed to sexual violence or coercion is a serious crime and the documentation and proliferation of the violence is further offensive and illegal. It is important that you get the help you need to process what you have been through. Here is a list of organizations that you can turn to for further help and support. Support and further help