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Advice Offer to be a witness of a crime on the internet!

Contact Victim Support Sweden, they help witnesses, relatives and victims. If you are unsure whether it is a crime, and the Cyber Hate Assistant can't support you in this, Victim Support Sweden can answer these types of questions.

Contact Victim Support Sweden. 


Advice Do not tag the friend who is being cyber hated

If you see that mean or critical things are being written about a person you know – don't tag that person in the comment section. If you think that the person isn't aware that they're being written about, tell them privately.


Advice Report hate speech

If you see cyber hate happening and it falls into the category of hate speech it means you can report the crime, whether you belong to the group being exposed or not. Crimes with hate crime motives need to be reported by the the person who is subjected to them but anyone can report hate speech. So if you see someone committing hate speech on the internet, in a comment, a status update, in a private group, etc., and you are not a part of the group that is covered by hate crime legislation, you can still report the crime!

What is hate speech?

Guide: Report hate speech


Advice Report offensive posts and comments to administrators

If you read offensive and inappropriate posts or comments on social media, you can always report this to the administrators


Advice Use source criticism


Advice Responding to a dogmatist


Advice Ask for help to deal with cyber hate!

You're not alone. If you want help dealing with cyber hate in the comment section, contact the facebook group #jagärhär to get help and support from the good forces at work for a good and open internet climate.

#jagärhär's facebook page 


Advice Responding to internet trolls correctly


Advice Involve more people and support the friend

Go into hateful comment sections and report or respond to offensive comments.


Advice Ask and regularly follow up with how your friend is doing!


Advice Find cyber hate on the internet

If you suspect that there are hateful or offensive things written in more places on the internet, it can be a good idea to do research and find these.

Guide: Find the source of the cyber hate.


Advice Question why someone takes liberty to decide who may take the floor and speak

Is it possible that marginalized voices are not represented?


Advice Question portrayals that are exclusionary or discriminatory.

If people or groups are presented as two-dimensional (ie that a group is “like this”). You can question this by asking the person the basis for the statement, possible reasons for the statement, or point out what is disrespectful/offensive/discriminatory about the statement.


Advice Counteract cisnormativity

Cisnormativity is the assumption that there are two genders (woman and man) and that everyone identifies with the gender that they were assigned at birth. Don't assume people's gender. Instead, ask for their pronouns.


Advice Cyber hate as a result of membership in an organization or association, report!

As a member of an organization or an association, they have the responsibility for you and the cyber hate that can occur as a result of the membership. If they don't have action plans for the internet, they should deal with that right away.

Organizations can get help with this work 

If you aren't heard, there is support and help to continue this process 


Advice Gather digital evidence

Document and save everything that can be used to investigate what has happened.

Guide: Gather digital evidence 


Advice Stand up for each other!

The first step can be giving them a supportive "like", but it is always good to point out unpleasant behaviour. Sometimes, the important thing is not what you say, but that you say something.


Advice Take over your friends social media if the person is exposed to a hate storm

Sort through and forward only normal messages to your friend. Having to read cyber hate aimed at yourself is reliving the violations and is exhausting.


Advice Be source critical!


Advice Hide offensive comments

Hide or report offensive comments. Cyber hate is triggering, do not leave harassment or violations on your page. On Facebook, there is the possibility to hide comments instead of deleting them. Then, the comments are visible to the person who wrote it + their friends, but not to anyone else. If you are going to report the police, it is important that the comments are not deleted. Deleting a comment can also trigger the person writing to write more.

Guide: Delete your Facebook account